Political economy of agricultural commercialisation in Nigeria
March 16, 2020

Background The historical and contemporary importance and contributions of agriculture to industrialisation and human development cannot be over-emphasised. Although pre-colonial agriculture in Africa consisted of peasant agriculture, for better accumulation, colonialism brought about a market and export oriented agriculture to Africa. Agricultural commercialisation in Nigeria had roots in the colonial political economy, and is defined… Read more »


APRA present at key conference on Nigerian cocoa industry
March 30, 2020

As the highest cocoa producing state in Nigeria, Ondo State is crucial contributor to the Nigerian cocoa sector. It is no surprise, therefore, that it was chosen to host the latest roundtable conference organised by the Cocoa Farmers Association of Nigeria (CFAN). It is the latest in a series of events that aim to produce… Read more »


For more detailed information about our research in Nigeria, download our country brochure. 

APRA is working in Nigeria to conduct quantitative and qualitative research to:

  • Document the pace at which farm size distributions are changing in Nigeria, with particular focus on the rise of medium-scale farms and their influence on agricultural commercialisation;
  • Characterise the potentially diverse pathways by which individuals become commercialised medium-scale farmers;
  • Explore whether medium-scale farms are making small-scale farmers more productive and commercialised;
  • Examine the outcomes of various agricultural commercialisation pathways;
  • Assess the causes and consequences of changing farm size distributions.

Contact Person: Joseph Yaro | yarojoe@yahoo.com