Network & Communications

IMG_0316FAC’s Communications and Networking team works to ensure that FAC research is strategically communicated to make significant contributions to the agriculture policy (e.g. in Africa). As such, FAC is:

  • Generating awareness of FAC’s existence;
  • Building our presence via outreach/engagement throughout our research processes;
  • Participating in policy and media discussions, debates and networks;
  • Creating alliances with key partners to continue to build our presence;
  • Becoming recognised as a distinctive, reliable, and independent voice on agriculture policy research in Africa;
  • Exerting influence by producing timely, relevant and authoritative contributions

Three principles underpin this approach:

  • Engagement between researchers and academia, government, media, private sector, etc. can improve the quality and substance of the research as well as ensure that research contributes to learning.
  • Interaction with a diversity of stakeholders can provide not only useful inputs into research but can also protect against undue influences by any one group.
  • Independent researchers can provide the setting in which to bring together these diverse groups to discuss difficult challenges.