Malawi’s input subsidies

Four new Future Agricultures working papers and five accompanying policy briefs look in detail at the impacts of the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP) in Malawi, which aims to support farmers and boost the economy by subsidising seeds and fertilizers.

The new publications look at the role of the private sector; the impacts of FISP on household welfare; issues of targeting at certain groups; and what observations can be made from modelling the impacts of FISP on different livelihood groups. Also considered are the themes of ‘graduation’, where households no longer depend on subsidies, and how to achieve equal opportunities for women and men.

These papers are part of a long-running project to inform the Malawi Government and other stakeholders about implementation and impacts of the FISP. An extended list of publications from this project is available at the CeDEP website.

The working papers are:

The policy briefs are:

More information about each of them is below.