Conservation in northern Kenya: conflicts over community land in the pastoral margins
November 13, 2019

With growing economic, environmental, and conservation pressures, it is imperative that the question of community land ownership in the pastoral areas of northern Kenya be addressed; otherwise, chaos and conflict will likely ensue.  Land ownership is a core concern of politics in Kenya, and conservation organisations are soliciting political favours to propagate their conceptualisation of… Read more »

Seeing Conflict at the Margins: understanding community experiences through social research and digital narrative in Kenya and Madagascar.
May 8, 2019

This month a new website is being launched for a project called ‘Seeing Conflict at the Margins: understanding community experiences through social research and digital narrative in Kenya and Madagascar.’ Their activities and some links are introduced below – for further details, visit them at: http://seeingconflict.org They will be announcing their new website on social… Read more »

Corridors Mini-Series: Anticipating Lamu’s New Corridor on Kenya’s Coast
February 12, 2019

The day starts early in Lamu, an ancient archipelago on Kenya’s northern coast. Fishermen, sailors and boat makers can be seen striding towards the sea, where moon-powered tides and sea waves are the undisputed masters. Hours later, their skiffs return from the shallow waters surrounding the mouth of the archipelago on Manda and Pate islands.… Read more »

When Pastoralism Meets Oil: Learning From Oil Finds in Turkana, Kenya
November 16, 2018

Eastern Africa is home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies. Foreign capital has streamed into this region over the past ten to fifteen years – into large infrastructure programmes consisting of roads, railways, ports and pipelines, and into large resource developments ranging from geo-thermal in Kenya’s Rift Valley to windfarms in Kenya and… Read more »


APRA is working in Kenya to conduct quantitative and qualitative research to: 

1. Examine how investment corridors are reshaping agricultural commercialisation pathways and rural livelihoods, looking at what the impacts have been – and for whom; 

2. Analyse the political economy of changing livestock marketing and trade in northern Kenya.

For more detailed information about our research in Kenya, download our country brochure.

Contact Person: Hannington Odame | hsodame@gmail.com

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