APRA is working in Tanzania to conduct quantitative and qualitative research to: 

  1. Analyse the effects of different forms of rice commercialisation on poverty, food and nutrition security, and women’s empowerment in the Kilombero valley of Tanzania; 
  2. Explore how different pathways of agricultural commercialisation have evolved over time to assess the dynamics of agrarian change, and how these have influenced the livelihood opportunities and outcomes for rural men and women in Singida, Tanzania; 
  3. Explore the different pathways young people use to establish themselves in farming or associated economic activities in areas where agriculture is already highly commercialised;
  4. Examine how investment corridors are reshaping agricultural commercialisation pathways and rural livelihoods, looking at what the impacts have been – and for whom.

For more detailed information about our research in Tanzania, download our country brochure.

Contact Person: Hannington Odame | hsodame@gmail.com