Ghana’s agricultural commercialisation and food security: An analysis of smallholder farmers across gender and geography
September 1, 2021

Photo credit: Charles Nyaaba of the Peasant Farmers Association A recent study by Agricultural Policy Research in Africa (APRA) Ghana researchers addresses the question: under what conditions, and at what scale, does smallholder agricultural commercialisation promote or hinder food security? The study presents an analysis of how gender and spatial inequalities in resource control determine… Read more »

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Why it is expensive to produce cocoa in Ghana, a former global leader? APRA Ghana share findings
August 10, 2021

Cocoa producers in Ghana incur high production costs, but obtain low yields and receive less income. This hampers the country’s cocoa commercialisation efforts, hence requiring adoption of high yielding varieties and innovative financing options and investments in labour and inputs. These were the findings of a study carried out by APRA and the University of Ghana on agricultural commercialisation in Ghana’s cocoa sector. These findings were discussed in a dissemination workshop held on Wednesday July 28, 2021, in Ghana’s Suhum area.

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Upcoming webinar: Development corridors in Africa: whose voices count?
August 9, 2021

An upcoming webinar on development corridors in Africa will be held virtually on Thursday 12 August from 1300-1400 SAST/CAT.

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East Africa Rice Conference 2021 kicks off
May 19, 2021

Yesterday (18 May, 2021) saw the start of the 2021 East African Rice Conference (EARC), with in-country workshops across six East African countries: Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. EARC aims to identify policy reforms to transform Africa’s rice sector through scientific innovations. Reports show that Africa has become a major consumer of rice… Read more »

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The need for rice sector modernisation: a key outcome of the Ethiopian National Rice Platform Meeting
April 22, 2021

The 2021 Annual National Rice stakeholders’ platform meeting, hosted by the National Rice Secretariat at the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), was held on 19 April in both Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar, concurrently.

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APRA Ghana team to present findings in dissemination workshop
March 15, 2021

The findings of a recent APRA Ghana research project will be shared with a range of stakeholders at a forthcoming event. This workshop will include a discussion of the team’s research, the implications of these findings. The outcome of discussions will be incorporated into subsequent analyses and reports on the APRA project, and contribute to… Read more »

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APRA present findings at webinar on the impact of COVID-19 on the rice sector
March 1, 2021

The Agricultural Policy Research in Africa (APRA) Work Stream 2 team have continued to attend events, despite the technical challenges brought by pandemic-related lockdowns. Dawit Alemu, Ethiopia-based academic, participated on behalf of APRA at the Zoom Webinar “COVID-19 Impact and Rice Competitiveness” on 25 February 2021, organised by Coalition for African Rice Development (CARD). The… Read more »

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APRA researchers present findings on the changing face of African farmland at conference
December 18, 2020

The APRA Work Stream 3 (WS3) team have been busy promoting their research in recent weeks, including providing a keynote presentation at the 5th Annual Centre for African Research on Enterprise and Economic Development (CAREED) on 9th December, 2020. The Zoom event was focused on the theme “Enterprise and Economic Development in Africa: The Way… Read more »

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APRA researchers feature in webinar on the impact of COVID-19 on food systems and livelihoods
December 14, 2020

On Wednesday, December 16, 11.00 – 12:00 GMT, a one hour webinar ‘‘The impact of COVID-19 on food systems and rural livelihoods in Africa’ will feature two presentations by John Thompson (SSRP Deputy Director, IDS Fellow and CEO of the APRA Programme) and Imogen Bellwood-Howard (SSRP Member, IDS Fellow and APRA Researcher). They will discuss recent APRA work, providing policy-relevant… Read more »

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Final eDialogue on ‘Policy Implications’
November 19, 2020

On Wednesday, November 25, 12:15 – 14:00 GMT, we held the ‘Wrap-up and Policy Implications’, the fifth and final part of the eDialogue series: ‘What Future for Small-Scale Farming?’ Small-scale farmers are integral to food systems in much of the world. Many householders depend, at least in part, on agriculture for their livelihood. However, many small-scale… Read more »

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