Patterns and Drivers of Agricultural Commercialisation: Evidence from Ghana, Nigeria and Malawi

Written by: Louis Hodey, Mirriam Matita and Amrita Saha

Farm households differ in terms of their access to land, capital, labour, skills, as well as access to external services – hence, it is no surprise that the processes of agricultural commercialisation are experienced unevenly across different groups and geographies. This report examines patterns and drivers of agricultural commercialisation in three African contexts: Ghana, Nigeria, and Malawi. We focus on four questions: First, what have been the broad patterns of agricultural commercialisation across different regions/zones and crops? Second, what have been the observable differences across groups of households – namely by gender and farm type? Third, how has the incidence of poverty changed across the years? Finally, and importantly, what are the drivers of agricultural commercialisation? With this focus, this report presents consolidated evidence across three African contexts, drawing attention to key trends and findings as a basis for further research.