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Child labour in cocoa from a European ‘doughnut’ perspective
April 27, 2020 / FAC blog
This blog was written by Dorte Thorsen and James Sumberg, and first appeared on the ACHA website Much attention is being given to how best to resurrect economic activity as the COVID-19 crisis subsides. The upheaval caused by the pandemic
Action on Children’s Harmful Work programme launches website
April 23, 2020 / News
The Action on Children’s Harmful Work in African Agriculture (ACHA) have launched their website, which will act as the centre for the research and evidence coming out of the seven-year, DFID-funded research programme that started in January 2020. The aim
Kneejerk reactions to ending child labour don’t benefit children
March 16, 2020 / FAC blog
Last week in the UK there was a flurry of media interest in two of the world’s coffee giants – Nespresso and Starbucks. A piece in The Guardian newspaper and a Channel 4 Dispatches programme, both focused on children as young as