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Ghana’s agricultural commercialisation and food security: An analysis of smallholder farmers across gender and geography
September 1, 2021 / News
Photo credit: Charles Nyaaba of the Peasant Farmers Association A recent study by Agricultural Policy Research in Africa (APRA) Ghana researchers addresses the question: under what conditions, and at what scale, does smallholder agricultural commercialisation promote or hinder food security?
Why it is expensive to produce cocoa in Ghana, a former global leader? APRA Ghana share findings
August 10, 2021 / Events News
Cocoa producers in Ghana incur high production costs, but obtain low yields and receive less income. This hampers the country’s cocoa commercialisation efforts, hence requiring adoption of high yielding varieties and innovative financing options and investments in labour and inputs.
Upcoming webinar: Development corridors in Africa: whose voices count?
August 9, 2021 / Events News
An upcoming webinar on development corridors in Africa will be held virtually on Thursday 12 August from 1300-1400 SAST/CAT.
East Africa Rice Conference 2021 kicks off
May 19, 2021 / News
Yesterday (18 May, 2021) saw the start of the 2021 East African Rice Conference (EARC), with in-country workshops across six East African countries: Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. EARC aims to identify policy reforms to transform Africa’s rice
Youth and the Rural Economy in Africa: New book explores current realities
April 30, 2021 / News
In a new book edited by IDS researcher, James Sumberg, and published by the Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International, authors examine the engagement of youth in the rural economy. The book, entitled ‘Youth and the Rural Economy in Africa’,
The need for rice sector modernisation: a key outcome of the Ethiopian National Rice Platform Meeting
April 22, 2021 / News
The 2021 Annual National Rice stakeholders’ platform meeting, hosted by the National Rice Secretariat at the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), was held on 19 April in both Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar, concurrently.
APRA Ghana team to present findings in dissemination workshop
March 15, 2021 / News
The findings of a recent APRA Ghana research project will be shared with a range of stakeholders at a forthcoming event. This workshop will include a discussion of the team’s research, the implications of these findings. The outcome of discussions
APRA present findings at webinar on the impact of COVID-19 on the rice sector
March 1, 2021 / News
The Agricultural Policy Research in Africa (APRA) Work Stream 2 team have continued to attend events, despite the technical challenges brought by pandemic-related lockdowns. Dawit Alemu, Ethiopia-based academic, participated on behalf of APRA at the Zoom Webinar “COVID-19 Impact and
APRA researchers present findings on the changing face of African farmland at conference
December 18, 2020 / News
The APRA Work Stream 3 (WS3) team have been busy promoting their research in recent weeks, including providing a keynote presentation at the 5th Annual Centre for African Research on Enterprise and Economic Development (CAREED) on 9th December, 2020. The
APRA researchers feature in webinar on the impact of COVID-19 on food systems and livelihoods
December 14, 2020 / News
On Wednesday, December 16, 11.00 – 12:00 GMT, a one hour webinar ‘‘The impact of COVID-19 on food systems and rural livelihoods in Africa’ will feature two presentations by John Thompson (SSRP Deputy Director, IDS Fellow and CEO of the APRA Programme) and Imogen
APRA showcase COVID-19 research at key conference in Tanzania
December 10, 2020 / News
Following APRA Tanzania’s recent report on the Impact of COVID-19 on Food Systems and Rural Livelihoods in Tanzania in October, the team has presented further evidence of the effects of COVID-19 on agricultural value chains in Africa. Researchers Aida Isinika,
APRA Nigeria training for data collection field work
December 7, 2020 / News
The APRA Nigeria Work Stream 1 team have been busy in recent weeks, returning to the field to collect the second round of panel data for their research on the pace at which farm size distributions are changing in Nigeria.

Final eDialogue on ‘Policy Implications’
November 19, 2020 / News
On Wednesday, November 25, 12:15 – 14:00 GMT, we held the ‘Wrap-up and Policy Implications’, the fifth and final part of the eDialogue series: ‘What Future for Small-Scale Farming?’ Small-scale farmers are integral to food systems in much of the world.
APRA researcher questions Malawi’s approach on poverty reduction
November 16, 2020 / News
Following two widely-circulated media stories on a hard-hitting policy brief on agribusiness investment, and a report on how COVID-19 is affecting food systems and rural livelihoods, the Agricultural Policy Research in Africa (APRA) Malawi team have engaged with the press
APRA Tanzania present findings to media
November 2, 2020 / News
After the successful high profile media coverage by the APRA Malawi team, the Tanzania team have followed suit by presenting a selection of their research findings to 23 different media houses during a special event held at the Sokoine Agricultural
4th eDialogue on transition pathways and strategies
November 2, 2020 / News
‘Transition Pathways and Strategies’, was the fourth part of the eDialogue series: ‘What Future for Small-Scale Farming?’ on Tuesday, November 10, 12:00 – 13:30 UTC/GMT Transition pathways and strategies for small-scale farming households was explored in this session, with a
APRA hit national news again with Malawi COVID19 report
October 22, 2020 / News
Three weeks since the Malawian government was brought to task by the national press following an APRA brief on agricultural policy, the APRA Malawi team has featured in The Nation Paper once again. Appearing under the headline “Covid-19 chokes food
3rd eDialogue on ‘Africa Regional Perspectives’
October 15, 2020 / News
SIGN UP NOW for the next session on Wrap-up and Policy Implications,25th November The sessions on ‘Regional Perspectives’, explored the dynamics of small-scale agriculture and food system change across Africa, Asia and South America. The African session observed the trends
Malawi press tasks government on policy following APRA brief
October 1, 2020 / News
APRA policy research has recently been featured in Malawi’s The Nation newspaper, as well as on the publication’s website.  “Inducing agribusiness investment in Malawi: Insights from investors,” written by APRA researchers Henry Chingaipe, Joseph Thombozi and Horace Chingaipe, investigate the
Future Agricultures Twitter reaches 20,000 follower milestone
September 24, 2020 / News
Written by Toby Penrhys-Evans, APRA ICE Team After almost 10 years on Twitter and posting over 3,000 Tweets, the Future Agricultures Consortium account, @FutureAgrics, has hit the significant milestone of 20,000 followers. The ever-increasing follower numbers highlights the relevance of
Local perspectives: Second e-Dialogue held on the future of small-scale farming
September 10, 2020 / News
‘Local perspectives’ was the subject of the second e-Dialogue held on August 27, 2020. In a continuation of the new virtual series, ‘What future for small-scale farming? Inclusive transformation in challenging times’. The session looked at the challenges smallholders face
e-Dialogue: What future for small-scale farming? Inclusive transformation in challenging times
August 27, 2020 / News
Join the next session of the e-Dialogue: What Future for Small-Scale Farming? on Thursday, August 27th, from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm (GMT). More information on the e-dialogue series can be found here. The session will look at Local Perspectives, translating the overview from Session
First ‘e-Dialogue with a difference’ held on the future of small-scale farming
July 30, 2020 / News
Smallholder led transformation can reap from huge potential gains, chief among them is the obvious improvement in peoples’ lives’. APRA researcher Milu Muyanga shared his views in the first session of a new virtual series, on ‘What future for small-scale
New paper published on youth and food system transformation
July 30, 2020 / News
What, if anything, is special about youth with respect to their engagement in food systems? This is a question asked in a new paper ‘Youth and Food Systems Transformation’, which outlines the importance of the growing numbers of youth and

APRA respond to inquiry into UK and Sub-Saharan African cooperation
July 21, 2020 / News
July update The House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee’s report, The UK and Sub-Saharan Africa: prosperity, peace and development co-operation, was published on 10 July. Access it here. “We welcome the range of effective UK official development assistance
e-Dialogue to tackle the future of small-scale farming
July 7, 2020 / News
Small-scale farmers are critical to food systems across the world, yet many are among the poorest and most food-insecure people on the planet. Given the emerging impacts of climate change and COVID-19, the future of small-scale farming is vulnerable and
Pastoralism and Uncertainty: free online course launched
June 18, 2020 / News
A new self-study online course has been created to offer students, practitioners and policy makers an introduction to thinking about different aspects of pastoralism. The course is based on a PhD programme at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), part

Reacting to COVID-19: APRA’s rapid response
May 19, 2020 / News
In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) commissioned an in-depth review to draw lessons from previous disease outbreaks and other crises that may be relevant to formulating a coherent policy response in developing countries,
Action on Children’s Harmful Work programme launches website
April 23, 2020 / News
The Action on Children’s Harmful Work in African Agriculture (ACHA) have launched their website, which will act as the centre for the research and evidence coming out of the seven-year, DFID-funded research programme that started in January 2020. The aim
Virtual sessions to cover agribusiness response to pandemic
April 20, 2020 / News
The Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders and Agribusiness programme (CASA) programme  is utilising its Evidence and Learning Component to run an e-series on “Rethinking agribusiness investments through the pandemic”. The first of the four sessions will begin at 12 noon BST
APRA present at key conference on Nigerian cocoa industry
March 30, 2020 / News
Please note: During this time of uncertainty caused by the #COVID19 pandemic, as for many at this time, some of our APRA work may well be affected in coming weeks but we aim to continue to post regular blogs and
New APRA research published on ‘inclusive innovation’ and urban agriculture
March 23, 2020 / News
A new article incorporating APRA research has recently been published online on the ScienceDirect  website. The role of technology in inclusive innovation of urban agriculture attempts to address how technology can provide benefits for marginalised groups, such as women food
APRA attends first national rice platform meeting in Ethiopia
March 10, 2020 / News
The first National Rice stakeholders’ platform was held on March 9, 2020 with the main objective of formally establishing the stakeholders’ platform, which is expected to: Strengthen coordination and advocacy for rice sector development Facilitate the provision of policy, managerial
APRA to present on rice commercialistion at international conference
March 9, 2020 / News
Update: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the conference has been postponed until further notice. APRA researchers are continuing to spread awareness and engagement of their key research activities, this time at the 6th School of Social Sciences International Conference
APRA Tanzania share findings on rice commercialisation and food security at conference
March 2, 2020 / News
“Public and private sector investment for agricultural transformation in Tanzania”, was the theme for the 6th Annual Agricultural Policy Conference (AAPC), which took place 12-14 February 2020 at Dodoma Hotel in Dodoma, Tanzania. The conference was officially opened by the
APRA researchers showcase findings at two key conferences
February 20, 2020 / News
February has been a very productive month for APRA. Already, researchers in Tanzania have kicked off the 2nd round of APRA surveys on commercialisation pathways for Tanzanian rice producers following the successful data collection training for enumerators at Sokaine University.
APRA Malawi successfully engages with the media
February 17, 2020 / News
An engagement and training workshop held with the media in Malawi in 2019 has led to extensive coverage across online media, social media, radio, TV and newspapers. On 31st August 2019, APRA Malawi held a one-day workshop with around 22
APRA to participate in inaugural Agricultural Industry Forum
February 13, 2020 / News
The APRA team based at CABE in Nairobi, Kenya, is participating in the planning and inauguration of the Agricultural Industry Forum. The agribusiness event is being hosted by the Agriculture Industry Network, and in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture
APRA research features in publication on Ethiopian rice development
February 10, 2020 / News
A new book including APRA Ethiopia research has recently been published by the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR). Advances in Rice Research and Development in Ethiopia presents the deliberations from an international conference held in November, 2018 at the
UPDATE: Call for applications: JPS Summer 2020 Writeshop in Critical Agrarian Studies and Scholar-Activism
January 23, 2020 / News
UPDATE 5/3/2020: The deadline for applying to the JPS 2020 workshop has been extended to 15 MARCH! Organisers are closely monitoring the #COVID19/#Coronavirus situation. If a change of location is necessary, it will likely move to Cape Town, South Africa
Revision of the National Rice Sector Development Strategy of Ethiopia: a 10-year perspective plan
December 17, 2019 / News
A workshop on the National Rice Sector Development Strategy of Ethiopia to guide the national rice research and development interventions for the coming ten years (2020 – 2030) was organised on December 13, 2019, at Debre Zeit in Ethiopia. The
APRA Nigeria board: final report published
November 11, 2019 / News
APRA Nigeria have published a final report from the meeting where a new advisory board was created, at Rockview Hotel, Abuja on September 27, 2019. In the report, Prof Aromolaran explains that the purpose of the meeting was three-fold: To
Agricultural commercialisation pathways: teams review latest research findings
November 7, 2019 / News
Members of the APRA Work Stream 1 team from Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zimbabwe met with colleagues from the APRA Data Management Support Team met at IDS on 7-11 October. These studies are using a combination of detailed household surveys
DFID funds programme on Children’s Harmful Work in African Agriculture
October 24, 2019 / News
The majority of children’s work in Africa is within the agricultural sector. However, there is insufficient evidence on the prevalence of harmful children’s work across different agricultural value chains, farming systems and agro-ecologies. Furthermore, little is understood about the effects
APRA Nigeria advisory board created
October 7, 2019 / News
APRA Nigeria has received a boost following the creation of a new advisory board, at Rockview Hotel, Abuja on September 27, 2019. APRA Nigeria Workstream 1 Research Team (WS1) aims to study the potential opportunities and challenges associated with medium-scale
APRA researcher at Agri4D
October 2, 2019 / News
APRA was recently represented by Dr Fred Dzanku, research fellow at the University of Ghana’s Institute of Statistical, Social & Economic Research, as one of eight keynote speakers at the biennial Agricultural Research for Development Conference, Agri4D 2019 held on
Tribute to Ephraim Wadonda Chirwa: Concept Note and Call for Papers
September 26, 2019 / News
Malawi Journal of Economics: Special Issue Please note: The deadline for submitting a concept note for this call for papers has now passed. 1. Introduction Following the shocking and untimely loss of Ephraim Wadonda Chirwa on 15 July 2019, the
Ethiopia: revising the national rice research and development strategy
September 17, 2019 / News
Ethiopia is reviewing its national rice research and development plan for the next ten years. The National Rice Research and Development Strategy of Ethiopia (NRRDSE) was developed in 2010 and has been guiding the efforts of the country’s rice sector
APRA Malawi engages Media on agriculture commercialisation
September 11, 2019 / News
The APRA research team in Malawi engaged with the media on agriculture commercialisation on 31st August 2019 at Ufulu Gardens in Lilongwe. We invited 22 journalists from the print and electronic sectors of the Malawian media. In addition, there was
African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) 2019 – Accra, Ghana, 3-6 September
August 13, 2019 / News
“AGRF is the world’s premier forum for African agriculture, pulling together stakeholders in the agricultural landscape to discuss and commit to programs, investments, and policies to achieve an inclusive and sustainable agricultural transformation across the continent.” AGRF is upon us