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International Drivers of Brazilian Agricultural Cooperation in Africa in the Post-2008 Economic Crisis
April 21, 2015 / Working Papers
Future Agricultures Working Paper 117 Alcides Costa Vaz March 2015 This text focuses on the major drivers of Brazilian agricultural cooperation in Africa as conceived and pursued from 2004 to 2014, with emphasis on the impacts of political and economic

China & Brazil in African agriculture series: first 6 papers published
April 20, 2015 / Our blog
Read the working papers Situating Tian Ze’s role in reviving Zimbabwe’s Flue-Cured Tobacco sector in the wider discourse on Zimbabwe- China cooperation: Will the scorecard remain Win-Win? Future Agricultures Working Paper 115 Langton Mukwereza February 2015 Download paper (722kb) View

Closing the gap: Youth employment and imagined futures in rural Africa
Closing the gap: Youth employment and imagined futures in rural Africa
April 17, 2015 / Our blog
To increase the work opportunities available to rural young people in Africa, government policy and development programmes tend to highlight two potential pathways:  Agriculture, and the most common line is that taken by Karen Brooks and her colleagues at the

Perspectives on jobs and farming: Findings from a Q study with young people, parents and development workers in rural Ghana
April 14, 2015 / Working Papers
Future Agricultures Working Paper 109 James Sumberg, Thomas Yeboah, Justin Flynn and Nana Akua Anyidoho April 2015 This paper presents the results of a series of Q Methodology studies with secondary students and parents at two sites in Ghana (Ashanti

The biofuels boom and bust in Africa: a timely lesson for the New Alliance initiative
April 13, 2015 / Policy Briefs
Policy Brief 80 by Emmanuel Sulle April 2015 Policies promoting biofuels development through financial incentives in Europe and in the United States of America are major drivers of the ‘land rush’ in many African countries. Yet,we know that most of

13 April 2015: China and Brazil in African agriculture – news roundup
April 13, 2015 / Our blog
  Mysteries of the China-Africa Development Fund Deborah Brautigam blogs about the China-Africa Development (CAD) Fund, discussing the misconceptions that have surrounded it and some of its key features. She points out that it is not a sovereign wealth fund

ITOCA offers 132 sets of electronic papers for African institutions – apply by 30 June
April 13, 2015 / Our blog
Eligibility requirements: The institution is located in one of the following countries: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania or Uganda The Institution has an Agriculture or related fields department or specialises in Agriculture and related fields. The Institution does not

Soil management in Africa: ways forward
April 1, 2015 / Our blog
Figure 1 offers a very simple, rather crude matrix of contexts. One axis focuses on agro-ecological contexts (from low to high responsive soils and available soil moisture). The other axis focuses on socio-economic contexts (from conditions where returns to inputs

26 March 2015: China and Brazil in African agriculture – news roundup
March 26, 2015 / Our blog
China to help Ghana build a $1bn solar plant China’s Hanergy Group is investing one billion USD to construct a 400-megawatt (MW) solar power plant in Ghana. Hanergy is currently the world’s largest solar power company by market cap and

Uganda’s Dilemmas in the Transition to Modern Commercial Agriculture: Implications for the Poverty Reduction Agenda
March 26, 2015 / Research Papers
Leocardia NabwireFebruary 2015 This paper draws on field data from farming households in Kabale and Kisoro districts of Uganda and early findings from monitoring the implementation of the Plan for Modernisation of Agriculture (PMA) and the Agricultural Sector Development Strategy