ITOCA offers 132 sets of electronic papers for African institutions – apply by 30 June

Eligibility requirements:

The institution is located in one of the following countries:

  • Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania or Uganda
  • The Institution has an Agriculture or related fields department or specialises in Agriculture and related fields.
  • The Institution does not have a TEEAL set OR
  • The Institution would like to upgrade their existing TEEAL set

Eligible institutions who would like to acquire a TEEAL set for their library should complete the application form on page 2 and submit for consideration. All applications will be assessed by a panel with members from ITOCA, South Africa and Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University.

All applications should be submitted by 30 June, 2015. Only fully completed application forms will be considered. The outcomes of applications will be announced by 30 July, 2015.

For more information and an application form, see the ITOCA website.

General enquiries can be addressed to:
Subject: TEEAL Institutional Grants


ITOCA in collaboration with Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University is pleased to announce the TEEAL Post-Graduate Research Paper Competition 2015 for post graduate students from six eligible African countries (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda) to obtain TEEAL, The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library for their institution as well as prize money. TEEAL invites MSc and PhD students to submit research papers in food production, food security, agricultural and food policy or rural development.