Bringing political economy thinking to CAADP

Over several years, Future Agricultures has engaged with the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP) institutions to strengthen CAADP policy processes.

In 2013, FAC was invited to participate in the ‘Drivers of Success in African Agriculture’ study, commissioned by the AUC. The study covered seven countries and involved a number of researchers from FAC’s network. Completed in November 2013, it was shared with senior officials and African Agricultural Ministers in the lead up to the AU Heads of State Ministerial in June 2014.

The study catalysed considerable energy from senior officials and agricultural ministers, by bringing to the fore a political, rather than a purely technical, understanding of why some countries are meeting their AU/CAADP commitments while others are falling behind.

Under this momentum, the Declaration of the AU HoS meeting restated and extended its CAADP commitments for the coming decade. This engagement has brought FAC’s frame of analysis into the CAADP process, garnering interest from the AUC and member states and laying the groundwork for FAC researchers to be involved in future policy analysis and capacity building.

Read more about the Drivers of Success work or read the Synthesis report (PDF).

Source: FAC Evaluation, December 2014