Co-convening the Land Deal Politics Initiative

aigliaconfThe Land Deal Politics Initiative (LDPI) is a platform for generating, highlighting and discussing political economy evidence on land deals globally for and with policy-makers, NGOs and civil society and building the capacity of young, largely African, researchers.

Through co-convening LDPI, Future Agricultures has significantly contributed to making the land deals policy space one where more evidence informed positions on land deals policy are now taken by most stakeholders; meeting a recognised need among policy makers and practitioners.

FAC leveraged its networks and resources to LDPI, thus catalysing others to engage, bringing together southern and northern researchers. The provision of two rounds of grants to primarily young African researchers through the LDPI has led to the development of their capacities and publishing profile. FAC’s real time communication activities have reached a significant number of practitioners, which has reinforced the cycle of engagement and reflection on agricultural growth and poverty reduction that FAC aims to feed. FAC’s personal networks have contributed to the rapid mobilisation of LDPI participants, paving the way for their sustainable commitment.

As a result of LDPI, key informants reported that NGOs and civil society are now taking more evidence informed decisions in taking positions on land deals. At decision-making level, the African Union Land Policy Initiative is now working with LDPI researchers, and some agribusiness/food companies feel social pressure to pay attention to issues in their operations.

Source: FAC Evaluation, December 2014