How we work



Future Agricultures is based around three regional hubs related to the major regional economic communities in Africa, and a fourth hub in Europe.
Each hub is linked to and supports a network of national, regional, and international partners that provide academically-robust, policy-focused research and advice on agricultural policy processes in Africa.

The hubs carry out four key activities:


Researching the political economy of African agricultural policy processes at national and regional levels to inform decision-making and improve policy for poverty reduction and growth.

Capacity building

Investing in social science capacity and policy research careers in an African context through a successful ongoing Early Career Fellowship Programme and a new Post-Doctoral Programme, with mentoring support from senior FAC Africa researchers;

Work with CAADP

Strengthening and supporting the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) of the African Union Commission and related programmes and processes through research and facilitated dialogue


Communicating evidence and facilitating access of key policy actors to new knowledge and information to improve decision making, and assessing the impacts and outcomes of agricultural research and engagement on decision making.