Vision for Future Agricultures in Africa

In early 2013, Future Agricultures moved to a regional structure to support our growing network of researchers in Africa and beyond.

In these short videos, the co-ordinators of our three ‘hubs’ in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, and our CAADP co-ordinator, explain their vision for Future Agricultures in Africa: working within countries, regions and across Africa to share learning and engage with policy.

East Africa

Dr. Hannington Odame, Future Agricultures hub co-ordinator in East Africa, explains the unique role of the hub in Kenya, and talks about why the organisation is looking at the politics of agriculture in Africa and beyond.

West Africa

Prof George T-M. Kwadzo of the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research(ISSER), Ghana, talks about the role of Future Agricultures in engaging with agricultural policy making, and how policies are implemented, in West Africa.

Southern Africa

Prof Ruth Hall, co-ordinator of the Southern Africa hub, explains how Future Agricultures is engaging with researchers and policy makers in the region and throughout Africa.

Working with CAADP

Dr Sam Asuming-Brempong explains how Future Agricultures works to support CAADP (the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme), through research and advice.

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