APRA to participate in inaugural Agricultural Industry Forum

The APRA team based at CABE in Nairobi, Kenya, is participating in the planning and inauguration of the Agricultural Industry Forum. The agribusiness event is being hosted by the Agriculture Industry Network, and in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries and Cooperatives, the Council of Governors and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). It is scheduled to take place at the Nairobi Hospital Convention Centre from 3-5 March, 2020.

The central theme of the forum is “Rethinking Agribusiness: Enhancing Effectiveness in Public-Private Partnerships,”which will provide a platform for agribusiness leaders and other value chain actors to engage with national and county-level policymakers, academia and other key stakeholders to review the current business operating environment within the context of devolution. It will seek to unlock the bottlenecks facing the private sector and other agriculture industry players when engaging with national and county governments.  The Forum is expected to attract more than 500 delegates and 50 exhibitors from across the agriculture sector.

Dr. Hannington Odame, the APRA Regional Research and Engagement Coordinator (RREC) for Eastern Africa, has been participating in the Forum’s Programme Committee, enabling APRA to provide support to the Forum. The APRA team will also prepare framing notes, make presentations, moderate specific sessions and Offer the benefit of their knowledge and experience to attendees.

An outline of the programme for the event can be viewed on the Agriculture Industry Forum website here