APRA Ghana researchers to participate in University of Ghana conference

On Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th November, 2021, the University of Ghana’s School of Social Sciences will be hosting its seventh international conference. The event, under the theme ‘Addressing Africa’s Challenges in the 21st Century’, will cover a vast range of topics from ‘Leadership, Governance and Politics’ to ‘Environment and Climate’ and ‘COVID-19, Innovations, and Responses’.

One such topic is ‘Agricultural Commercialisation in Africa: Emerging Trends and Livelihood Implications’, which will be addressed under a panel discussion from 0900–1030 on 4th November, and moderated by Dr Steve Wiggins of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex. The panellists include APRA researchers Dr Kofi Asante, Professor Joseph Yaro, Dr Olajide O. Adeola and Miss Fashakin, Oluwaseun, who will work together to highlight evidence on pathways to agricultural commercialisation in sub-Saharan Africa from four papers which address questions of associational life in oil palm production, land and labour relations in cocoa production, gender productivity differentials in cocoa productivity, and gender disparities in access to productive resources. The findings highlight current trends in agricultural commercialisation showing differences in the levels of challenges and opportunities, with practical and policy recommendations on making agricultural commercialisation inclusive to enhance livelihood wellbeing.

Other sessions include ‘Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change in Rain-Fed Vegetable Production in West Africa: A Review’, ‘Smallholder Farmers’ Adaptation Strategies to Changing Provisioning Ecosystem Services in the Sudan and Guinea Savannah Ecological Zones of Ghana’ and ‘Local Differentiation and Adapting to Climate Change in Coastal Ghana’.

The conference promises to be an informative, interesting and worthwhile event covering a variety of relevant topics to see how Africa can move forward while adapting to the persisting effects of COVID-19, climate change and more.

The full event programme with relevant Zoom links to join each session can be found, here.