Zimbabwe study: Space, Markets & Employment

ZimZimbabwe is one of the 3 case study countries of the Space, Markets and Employment in Agricultural Development project.

A new research update shows the links between farm and non-farm employment in Masvingo province – both within the province and beyond its borders.

Research update, October 2013


Cattle farming was found to create employment for aggregators and agents in Masvingo, with production serving markets in Harare and Manicaland, creating retail and value distribution outside of Masvingo Province.

On the other hand, vegetables produced in Masvingo largely remain within the province, although also creating employment in supermarkets that source vegetables locally.

Tobacco trading in Mazoe does not create many local links, as it is traded in Harare auction houses. However, tobacco farming brings in significant income into the district, thus injecting liquidity into the local market. Maize and bean production in Mazoe create many jobs for agents and bulk buyers.