New film: Cultivating Unemployment

cultivatingA new documentary film, Cultivating Unemployment, looks at jobs and poverty in the rural economy in South Africa. It was produced by the Space, Markets and Employment project.

The documentary takes the viewer on a visual journey through a South African town and nearby farmland, looking at the opportunities for job creation, large and small farmers, suppliers and markets.


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Exploring the economic terrain of one rural town in South Africa, Cultivating Unemployment examines the extent to which rural economies in South Africa can generate employment for impoverished populations.

The documentary takes the viewer on a visual journey through the town of Weenen and nearby farmland, exploring what opportunities rural towns offer for job creation, large scale and smallholder farmers, downstream farm input suppliers, and upstream markets for agricultural produce.

The video challenges policy makers to grapple with the complex reality of rural South Africa, and think about the kinds of deep restructuring that would be needed to impact on rural poverty.

Cultivating Unemployment opens the debate about rural development in South Africa and the scope for change, given the current constraints on rural economies.