Kenya_2There has been an alarming decline in the growth of farm output in Kenya over the last 20 or so years. The modern Kenyan economy has been built on agriculture, starting with the development of large-scale commercial farms during the first half of the 20th Century. For almost 30 years thereafter, smallholder development in the higher potential areas of Kenya was successful.However since the 1980s agricultural growth rates have been falling and since the 1990s it has been lagging behind that of the population.

Since late 2002 the Kenyan Government have been trying to promote agricultural recovery and subsequently in 2004 the Strategy for the Revitalization of Agriculture (SRA) was published. The strategy has a vision of transforming agriculture into a more competitive and commercial sector that will enable the private sector to function well.

There are at least three major challenges to face:

  • Simplifying the immense number of regulations that surround Kenyan farming
  • Reforming the parastatals and the agricultural ministries
  • Solving failures in supply chains

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Country Co-ordination
Country Co-ordination
April 27, 2010 / Kenya
The country co-ordinator, John Omiti, liaised with researchers and communications officer to harmonize and schedule meetings to facilitate (i) closer linkages amongdifferent themes, (ii) share research findings and plan media briefings, (iii) hold joint round-table meetings or workshops. During the

FAC’s theme focus in Kenya
FAC’s theme focus in Kenya
January 25, 2010 / Kenya
A major focus of our work on Kenya  explores in some depth alternative policy prescriptions that have been proposed and/or are being implemented for Kenyan agriculture. Note that we understand agriculture to include a range of crop-based (smallholder and commercial

Agricultural Development Issues in Kenya
Agricultural Development Issues in Kenya
October 1, 2008 / Kenya
The overall context is the alarming decline in the growth of farm output in Kenya over the last fifteen or more years. From the late 1980s the growth of agricultural production has stagnated and fallen behind population growth. Production per