Malawi_2There are two objectives of the FAC Malawi country work:

  • Assisting the Malawi “policy community” in identifying and thinking about options
  • Placing the Malawian experience in an international context, to contribute to the consortium objective of learning about the roles of agriculture in pro-poor growth

Some of the topics FAC is looking at as part of the Malawi country study include:

  • Land: including land access, transfers and markets; commercial estate land – efficiency of use and possibilities for reform; HIV/AIDS crisis; incentives for investors; political economy of land; and legislative and policy changes
  • Diversification: Recent growth of cassava – what are the dynamics and drivers; future of tobacco
  • Technology: Issues of improving and maintaining technology for the key smallholder cash crops.



Latest articles

Stakeholder Consultation Workshops on the Agriculture Sector in Malawi
May 1, 2006 / Malawi
Three consultative workshops were organized between 7th March 2006 and 10th March 2006. The first consultative workshop was held on 7th March 2006 at Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre with stakeholders in the tea sector and government officials. The second