Transnational Land Deals in Mindanao: Situating Ambivalent Farmer Responses in Local Politics

by Tania Salerno

This article broadly discusses transnational corporate land acquisitions while focusing specifically on the politics surrounding a joint-investment in Mindanao, Philippines. More particularly it analyses the key implementation processes prior to and during the establishment of one particular joint investment in Mindanao between a Philippine company, Aztropex, and a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia company, Far Eastern Agricultural Investment Company (FEAICO). This is done by posing three main questions: (1) What are the key characteristics of Mindanao which make it a target area for foreign investments in agriculture?; (2) what areas in Mindanao are targeted, what is the local tenure system, and what will be the land ownership arrangement for the intended investment?; and (3) Where do the local farmers sit in the investment plans and what are their positions on the possible land acquisition? In short, the article will study the local politics surrounding a joint-investment by focusing on the dynamics of the involved actors and the local context, with hopes to provide a better understanding of the ambivalent responses of local communities.

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