News of the e-Dialogue series spreads far and wide

In media outlets across East, West and Southern Africa, news surrounding the ‘Agrarian change and rural transformation in sub-Saharan Africa: Emerging challenges and regional realities‘ e-Dialogue has been published and picked up! The event, which we hosted on 20th January 2022 in collaboration with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Foresight4Food, gathered APRA researchers and expert commentators from across sub-Saharan Africa to analyse the dynamics of agricultural commercialisation and agrarian change across the region.

Discussions ranged from groundnut commercialisation and livelihood trajectories in Malawi to poverty reduction in Tanzania and long-term patterns of change within the Ghanaian cocoa sector. The duality of the perspectives engaged during the event, throughout the separate regional dialogues to the inclusive sub-Saharan Africa discussion and Q&A, meant that there was something for everyone and critical impacts for all speakers and audience members to take away.

This wide relevance has been proven in the engagement we have received with news from the event. See below a full list of the media coverage we have seen (so far!) following this e-Dialogue.

As well as seeing exciting engagement with the first e-Dialogue, the second event in this dialogue series on ‘COVID-19 and its effects on local food systems and rural livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa’ was picked up well across the region. This dialogue discussed the effects of COVID-related interventions on rural livelihoods and local food systems in the region and what can be done to support their recovery, and thus was relevant to a wide range of individuals. As was the case with news of the first e-Dialogue, this wide relatability was likely the reason behind the success in coverage. A full list of the media coverage of this second dialogue to date can be seen below.

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