Global Land Grabbing International Conference – 19-21 March 2024, Bogota, Colombia

The Land Deal Politics Initiative (LDPI) is reconvening more than a decade on, this time in Bogota. We had our first international conference in 2011, which was co-organised by FAC and PLAAS, and since then much has happened: meetings, collaborations, publications, training, advocacy, and more research in and on a changing world. This event is a stocktake and an opportunity to regalvanise collective efforts.

The conference will address several important research and political questions, including:

  • What happened to the hundreds of land grabs documented by researchers, non-governmental organisations, activist groups, news media and aid agencies?
  • What new configurations of land, labour and capital have emerged since?
  • How has the rise of authoritarian, state-led populism and politics re-shaped the tensions between ‘foreignization’ and extraction?

The call for abstracts has now closed, but you can find out more information here.