New book sheds light on Ethiopian seed systems

seeds1A new book, available as a free download (Zip file, 18MB), is the culmination of a considerable amount of new and important research on seed systems, both within Ethiopia and across Africa.

Defining Moments in the Ethiopian Seed System draws together a large collection of papers presented at the ‘International Conference on Sustainable Seed Systems in Ethiopia: Challenges and Opportunities’, hosted by the Ethiopian Institute of Agriculture Research, Addis Ababa, in June 2011. It provides insights into the latest innovations in seed system research and development, the evolving role and performance of the formal and informal seed sectors and the potential for their integration and, significantly, the political economic and institutional factors shaping national and regional seed policy and processes.

In this respect, the book comprises more than simply a set of ‘defining moments’ in the evolution of Ethiopia’s own seed system, as it raises fundamental questions about the opportunities and challenges facing seed system development in Africa at a time of increasing change and uncertainty.

Ethiopiabook1Above all, this collection makes it clear that it is essential to focus on issues of diversity—in gene pools, in seed and crop varieties, in agronomic practices, in training and technical support, in production and delivery systems, in resulting landscapes, and in the way we go about appraising and pursuing— divergent trajectories in knowledge, innovation, and development with regard to seed systems.

Download the entire book (ZIP file, 18 MB)

Chapter list

Chapter I: Policies, Strategies, and Institutions for Ethiopian Seed System Development

  • The political economy of cereal seed systems in Africa: lessons from a five-country study
    John Thompson and Ian Scoones
  • Evolution of seed policy and strategies and implications for Ethiopian seed systems development
    Zewdie Bishaw and Niels Louwaars
  • Seed business in Ethiopia through Indian experience
    J. C. Rajput, Ashish Wele, Milind P. Kulkarni
  • Seeds and subsidies: the political economy of input programs in Malawi
    Blessings Chinsinga
  • Regional seed partnerships: innovations to evolving and enabling seed policies in Ethiopia
    Mohammed Hassena and Joep van den Broek
  • Political economy of seed systems in Zimbabwe: rebuilding the seed system
    Magunda, Douglas
  • Can agro-dealers deliver the green revolution in Kenya?
    Hannington Odame and Elijah Muange

Chapter II: The Role and Performance of the Formal Seed System

  • Varietal development and release for enhancing the seed system in Ethiopia
    Adefris Teklewold and Daniel Mekonnen
  • Seed health testing in seed systems in Ethiopia
    Dereje Gorfu, Amare Ayalew, Frew Mekbib and Yonas N
  • Roles of public and private seed Enterprises
    Abebe Atilaw and Lijalem Korbu
  • Management and delivery challenges and opportunities in the Ethiopian seed system
    Yonas Sahlu, Dawit Alemu and Abebe Atlaw
  • Administering the seed industry
    Lemma Desssalegn, Yonas Sahlu and Frew Mekbib
  • Free movement of seeds and plant propagative materials and the spread of crop pests in Ethiopia
    Tebikew Damte

Chapter III: The Informal Seed System

  • Practices and developments in the informal seed system of Ethiopia
    Asnake Fikre, Adugna Wakjira, Frew Mekbib, Setegn Gebeyehu
  • Variations in farmer organizations engaged in seed entrepreneurship
    Hussein Mohammed, Tadesse Desalegn, Fetein Abay, Kedir Nefo, Nigussie Dechassa, Marja Thijssen and Walter De Boef
  • Farmer-based seed multiplication in the Ethiopian seed system
    Dawit Alemu
  • Strengthening informal seed multiplication: community seed banks in Alaba Special Wereda
    Abebe Shiferaw, Jean Claude, Kahsay Berhe and Dirk Hoekstra
  • Intervention strategies for promoting underutilized species
    Kariuki LW, Maundu PM, Morimoto Y
  • A twentieth-century history of cereal seed development in Ethiopia
    James C. McCann

Chapter IV: Seed Systems in Cereals, Pulses, oil and Vegetable Crops

  • Integrated seed sector development: experiences in Africa
    Mohammed Hassena, Joep van den Broek, Marja Thijssen, Walter de Boef and Niels Louwaars
  • Integrated formal and informal tef seed system
    Kebebew Assefa, Sherif Aliy, Solomon Chanyalew, and Gizaw Metaferia
  • Tef seed system in Minajar-Shenkora and Lume-Ejere Weredas of East Shewa
    Sitotaw Ferede
  • Barley seed systems and technology development
    Berhane Lakew, Wondimu Fikadu, Fetien Abay and Tesfahun Alemu
  • Opportunities and challenges in hybrid maize and sorghum seed production in Ethiopia
    Mosisa Worku, Taye Tadesse, Tafese Gebru and Melaku Admasu
  • Decentralized common bean seed production and delivery system in Ethiopia
    Endeshaw Habte, Setegn Gebeyehu, Kasaye Negash, Kidane Tumsa and J.C. Rubyugo
  • Integrated system in chickpea and lentil seed multiplication, delivery and impact
    Million Eshete, Sherief Aliye, Asnake Fikre and Lijalem Korbu
  • Integrated seed system in faba bean seed multiplication, delivery and impact
    Tamene T., Mussa J., Wondafrash M., Tadesse S., Yeneneh B.
  • Progress and challenges of the informal seed system of highland oil crops
    Adugna Wakjira, Abebe Delesa and Bulcha Woyessa
  • Importance of the informal seed system in sesame technology scaling-up in Ethiopia
    Geremew Terefe and Mulugeta Atnaf
  • Progress, success, and challenges in Ethiopian vegetable seed system
    Lemma Dessalegn, Shimeles Aklilu, Getachew Tabor, Selamawit Ketema and Kebreab Abebe
  • Research experiences and lessons on cool season vegetables seed production in Amhara region
    Semagn Asredie and Fentahun Mengistu
  • Potato seed systems in the highlands of Ethiopia
    Gebremedhin Woldegiorgis, Atsede Solomon, S Steffen, Semagne Asredie, Gebrehiwot Hailemariam
  • Challenges and opportunities in the coffee seed system of Ethiopia
    Taye Kufa, Teshome Kumela and Wondyifraw Tefera
  • Progress, success and challenges of the informal seed system of spices, aromatic and medicinal plants in Ethiopia
    Girma Hailemichael, Solomon Abate and Ali Mohammed 525
  • Challenges and opportunities in forage seed system of Ethiopia
    Solomon Mengistu and Getinet Asefa

Photo: Varieties of sorghum, from gatesfoundation’s photostream on Flickr