World Development Special Issue: China and Brazil in African Agriculture

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Our China and Brazil in African Agriculture research has produced a special issue of the journal World Development, with 8 new open access articles available to download

Through 16 different case studies, the project revealed a complex set of engagements, which contrast with existing patterns of western-led development and investment.

World Development
Open Access Special Issue Volume 81, 2016
Editors: Ian Scoones, Kojo Amanor, Arilson Favareto and Qi Gubo

A new politics of development cooperation? Chinese and Brazilian engagements in African agriculture
by Ian Scoones, Kojo Amanor, Arilson Favareto and Qi Gubo

South-South cooperation, agribusiness and African agricultural development: Brazil and China in Ghana and Mozambique
by Kojo Amanor and Sérgio Chichava

Chinese state capitalism? Rethinking the role of the state and business in Chinese development cooperation in Africa
by Jing Gu, Zhang Chuanhong, Alcides Vaz and Langton Mukwereza

Imagining agricultural development in South-South Cooperation: the contestation and transformation of ProSAVANA
by Alex Shankland and Euclides Gonçalves

Brazil’s agricultural politics in Africa: More Food International and the disputed meanings of ‘family farming’
by Lídia Cabral, Arilson Favareto, Langton Mukwereza and Kojo Amanor

Chinese migrants in Africa: Facts and fictions from the agri-food sector in Ethiopia and Ghana
by Seth Cook, Jixia Lu, Henry Tugendhat and Dawit Alemu

Chinese agricultural training courses for African officials: between power and partnerships
by Henry Tugendhat and Dawit Alemu

Science, technology and the politics of knowledge: the case of China’s Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centres in Africa
by Xiuli Xu, Xiaoyun Li, Gubo Qi, Lixia Tang and Langton Mukwereza