Working paper series: China and Brazil in African Agriculture

cbaavidOur series presents research over the last 4 years on Chinese and Brazilian relationships with farmers, business, civil society and states in Africa. It looks at the implications for agricultural development in Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Status: The Working Paper Series closed in 2016.

Working papers

Beyond ‘Family Farming Versus Agribusiness’ Dualism: Unpacking the Complexity of Brazil’s Agricultural Model

Future Agricultures Working Paper 138
by Arilson Favareto
November 2016

Social Movements, Agrarian Change and the Contestation of ProSAVANA in Mozambique and Brazil

Future Agricultures Working Paper 137
by Alex Shankland, Euclides Gonçalves and Arilson Favareto
November 2016

How is The Chinese “Going Out” Policy Having an Impact on Agriculture-Related Trade with Africa?

Future Agricultures Working Paper 134
by Marco Fiorentini
January 2016

The Challenges of China’s Food and Feed Economy
Future Agricultures Working Paper 131
Lu Jixia, Li Xiaoyun and Fu Gonghua
September 2015

Perseverance in the Face of Hardship: Chinese Smallholder Farmers’ Engagements in Ghanaian Agriculture
Future Agricultures Working Paper 130
by Lu Jixia, Yu Lerong and Henry Tugendhat
August 2015

Blurring the Lines between Aid and Business in the Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centre in Zimbabwe
Future Agricultures Working Paper 129
Tang Lixia, Lu Yan, Zhao Wenjie, Langton Mukwereza and Li Xiaoyun
August 2015

Copying the Extension System of China and Beyond: Implementing the Chinese Agriculture Technology Demonstration Centre in Ethiopia
Future Agricultures Working Paper 128
Gubo Qii, Lerong Yui, Dawit Alemuii, Seth Cookiii and Xiaoyun Lii
August 2015

Travelling Technocratic Rationality: Historical Narratives of China’s Agricultural Development and their Implications for China- Africa Agricultural Cooperation
Future Agricultures Working Paper 127
Xu Xiuli, Li Xiaoyun and Qi Gubo
August 2015

Interpreting China-Africa Agricultural Encounters: Rhetoric and Reality in a Large Scale Rice Project in Mozambique
Future Agricultures Working Paper 126
Zhang Chuanhong, Li Xiaoyun, Oi Gubo and Wang Yanlei
July 2015

Mixed Starts and Uncertain Futures: Case Studies of Three Chinese Agricultural Investments in Zimbabwe
Future Agricultures Working Paper 125
Tang Lixia, Zhao Wenjie, Langton Mukwereza and Li Xiaoyun
July 2015

A Chinese Pesticide Enterprise in Ghana: Motivations, Impacts, Challenges and Local Interactions
Future Agricultures Working Paper 124
Yu Lerong, Lu Jixia, Henry Tugendhat and Li Xiaoyun
July 2015

Rising Powers and Rice in Ghana: China, Brazil and African agricultural development
Future Agricultures Working Paper 123
Kojo Sebastian Amanor
July 2015

Chinese Training Courses for African Agriculture: Transformational Knowledge?
Future Agricultures Working Paper 122
Henry Tugendhat
July 2015

The Political Economy of State Business Relations in Chinese Development Cooperation in Africa
Future Agricultures Working Paper 120
Jing Gu
June 2015

Jumping into the Sea: Chinese Migrants’ Engagement in Non-Traditional Agricultural Commodities in Ethiopia
Future Agricultures Working Paper 121
by Seth Cook and Dawit Alemu
July 2015

International Drivers of Brazilian Agricultural Cooperation in Africa in the Post-2008 Economic Crisis
Future Agricultures Working Paper 117
by Alcides Costa Vaz
April 2015

Zimbabwe-Brazil cooperation through the More Food Africa Programme
Future Agricultures Working Paper 116
by Langton Mukwereza
March 2015

Situating Tian Ze’s role in reviving Zimbabwe’s Flue-Cured Tobacco sector in the wider discourse on Zimbabwe- China cooperation: Will the scorecard remain Win-Win?
Future Agricultures Working Paper 115 by Langton Mukwereza

Chinese Agricultural Expertise Support in Ethiopia: Approaches, Motives and Perspectives
Future Agricultures Working Paper 114 by Dawit Alemu, Seth Cook and Qi Gubo

A study of Brazilian Trilateral Development Cooperation in Mozambique: The case of ProSAVANA and ProALIMENTOS
Future Agricultures Working Paper 113 by Natalia N. Fingerman

Chinese and Brazilian agricultural models in Mozambique. The case of the Chinese Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centre and of the Brazilian ProALIMENTOS programme
Future Agricultures Working Paper 112 by Sérgio Chichava and Natalia N. Fingermann

Priests, technicians and traders? The discursive politics of Brazil’s agricultural cooperation in Mozambique
Future Agricultures Working Paper 110 by Lídia Cabral

Mozambican elite in a Chinese rice ‘friendship’: an ethnographic study of the Xai-Xai irrigation scheme
Future Agricultures Working Paper 111 by Sérgio Chichava

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About the series

This set of working papers is the result of collaborative research by the CBAA project, involving a team of 25 researchers from different countries and from different backgrounds. Read Ian Scoones’ blogpost explaining the background to the series.