Brazil, China and Africa: problems and alternatives

chinaafricaTwo new blog posts reflect on our recent seminar on cooperation between Brazil, China and Africa. Blessings Chinsinga writes about concerns about transplanting solutions from Brazil to Africa, and Qi Gubo considers the alternatives offered by an “adaptive cooperation” approach.

Blessings Chinsinga, FAC:

“The full extent of the Brazilian success story is yet to be told to the Africans who are keen to replicate it as soon as they can in their own countries. However, although the question of context with reference to politics, culture and society has not been fully addressed yet, it is a critical component of the Brazilian success story.”

Qi Gubo, China Agricultural University

“Adaptive cooperation… implies a wide range of choices for different countries. Whatever these alternatives may be, mutual respect is essential – as is a demand for cooperation from within African countries themselves.”

(Photo: Qi Gubo and Clara Ancilla Ibihya, by International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth on Flickr)