Can China and Brazil help Africa feed itself?

CAADP Policy Brief 12

The questions of how Africa can feed itself, and how the agricultural sector can be a more effective engine for growth and development, have long been targets of national governments. Western donors have increased assistance following the 2007/8 food price crisis. But the emergence of China and Brazil as major players has raised hopes that innovative agricultural models from the ‘rising powers’ can be transferred or adapted to African countries.

This policy brief draws on latest research findings by Future Agricultures, focusing on engagement in four African countries, and asks:

  • What are the realities of the different routes and models in China and Brazil’s agricultural development?
  • How are China and Brazil engaging with Africa in agricultural development?
  • How should Africa approach these new engagements – with open arms or cautiously, looking at likely winners and losers?
File: CAADP Policy Brief_12_English.pdf