Network Meetings in Kenya

John Omiti hosted two FAC network meetings to discuss how to move the FAC agenda forward at country level. In the first meeting, four items were discussed:

  • Crafting policy messages for country-level audience:  The meeting was informed that the research process is at different stages in the four research themes (Policy Process; Commercialisation; Social Protection; Science, Technology & Innovation). It was observed that as FAC work gets completed, interesting messages are coming through from various themes. For example, the work with the Ministry of Agriculture is revealing some emerging issues on delivery of extension and advisory services. The work on social protection has informed the Draft Policy on Social Protection in Kenya and will continue to engage in the policy process. There are interesting issues emerging from the work on Science, Technology and Innovations with regard to the cereal seed sector and pastoral livelihoods. When we have quality reports ready, we’ll subtly engage with sub-national (district) and national audiences.
  • Informal policy meetings:  The country team has continued to engage in informal policy meetings whereby middle-level policy actors are invited to discuss topical issues from time to time. The critical task is to continuing asking and positioning ourselves strategically in Kenya’s policy arena. We need more people who can persistently and consistently be devoted to urging likely participants to participate in FAC activities, especially meetings.
  • Social Gatherings:  The country team will engage various social networks to delicately inform them of FAC so that they will be our anchor when it comes to policy dissemination. This is one area whereby young researchers are being introduced to FAC activities and networks. Some have used the FAC networks to secure training PhD opportunities in European universities. These are some of our future research partners/successors.
  • Eminent Persons transiting through Nairobi:  There are also opportunities to organise policy discourses / talk shows with many eminent persons that regularly transit through Nairobi.