FAC team presents at EEA

EEAIn June 2009, John Thompson and David Hughes travelled to Ethiopia to attend the Seventh International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy organised by the Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA).  FAC’s Samuel Gabreselassie and colleagues at the Ethiopian Economics Policy Research Institute helped to organise the conference. {jathumbnail off}

As in previous years, Future Agricultures was a major presence at the conference. Researchers gave an overview of FAC activities and two keynote presentations to over 180 people during a plenary session on the final day, one on Farmers’ Organisations and Agricultural Transformation in Africa and the other on Social Protection in Africa, both drawing lessons from Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi.

John Thompson made the presentations about the Consortium and an FAC Farmer Organisation Study; the presentations are:

As well, John Thompson prepared two new policy briefs on farmers’ organisations for the conference:

  1. PB31Challenges and Opportunities for Strengthening Farmers Organisations in Africa: Lessons from Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi
  2. PB32The “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Farmers’ Organisations”

Amdissa Teshome presented papers on Social Protection:  Social Protection in Malawi, Kenya and Ethiopia

And Samuel Gebreselassie also prepared a paper entitled Livelihood Diversification in Rural Ethiopia: Status, potentials and constraints.

FAC materials were widely distributed and the occasion provided the opportunity for important networking.

David Hughes, as Communication and Networking Officer, documented the event and also distributed a number of FAC outputs. Both the presentations and the materials were received very well and the EEA issued a thank you letter to FAC for contributing to the conference both financially and intellectually.