Policy into Use: Accelerating Agricultural Growth through CAADP

Edited by Kate Wellard

Agriculture is the mainstay of most African economies. Millions of smallholders depend on farming for their livelihoods, it underpins food security and poverty alleviation efforts, and supports wider economic development. But agricultural growth has generally been disappointing, and there is understandable concern over the state of hunger on the continent. Agriculture faces new global challenges of high food and energy prices, climate change and international market failures. Agricultural development strategies, as well as increasing productivity and pro-poor growth, must encompass commercialisation and sustainable, market-led growth.

The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) provides a vision and framework for governments to accelerate agriculture-led growth and sustainable development, and eradicate poverty and food insecurity. To achieve this, governments have pledged to increase agricultural spending, alongside policy and institutional changes to increase competitiveness at home and abroad; investment in technology and productivity; and improvement in marketing and transport.

File: CAADP_Policy_Brief_Overview_english.pdf