Panel 30: POLITICAL ECONOMY – Dragon in a Three Piece Suit: China Invests

Focussing on Chinese investment in land and agriculture, the panelists suggest that widespread investment in land from China is relatively new and potentially distinct from investments made by other actors.

Peter Ho and I. Hofman outline the general dynamics of Chinese investment while Paulette Nonfodji focuses on Benin and compares Chinese investment strategies in agriculture with investment by western countries. Janette Bulkan analyzes the increasing influence of Chinese investors in Guyana and examines the possibilities for “purely commercial relations” to replace colonialism. Finally, Lila Buckley provides an ethnographic analysis of investment in Senegalese agriculture and suggests that Chinese agronomic practices are shaped by particular conceptualizations of agriculture that have to be negotiated on the ground.

Chair: Joshua Muldavin, Sarah Lawrence College, New York

Rocio Hiraldo