PANEL 25: GOVERNANCE – Restructuring the State II

This is the second in a two-panel series (See Panel 19 for first part) . In the series, presenters focus on the relationship between large-scale land grabs and modern forms, ideas or manifestations of the State.

The papers highlight the ways in which land grabs shape the ability of the State to conduct rule as well as the role that the State plays in facilitating or enabling land appropriation by outside actors. In this panel, Michael Dwyer examines the direct and indirect collaborations between state and capital in developing resources, governing the rural population and mapping territory in Laos, Deepak K Mishra analyzes the continuities between historical processes of land alienation and contemporary land grabs in India, and Gerben Nooteboom and Rosanne Rutten discuss the presence and process of Gulf-State investments in food crop production in Southeast Asia.

Chair: Phil McMichael, Cornell University

Philip McMichael