Panel 11: LIVELIHOODS – Livelihoods and Dispossession

The focus of this panel is the relationship between land grabs, dispossession and livelihoods. Land is a key livelihood resource and is used in a variety of ways by different peoples; an analysis of the effects of dispossession on livelihoods must be situated in localized contexts as “case studies” bear important implications for the understanding of broader, globalized processes.

Presenters on this panel cover a variety of topics: Kathleen Guillozet and John Bliss discuss the implications of increased foreign investment in Ethiopian forestry and agriculture, Martina Locher analyzes the role of collective decision making in the transfer to land titles to foreigners in Tanzania, Marja Spierenburg outlines the livelihood implications of privatizing conservation in Malawi, and Shelley Feldman and Charles Geisler discuss the historical and contemporary dynamics of dispossession in Bangladesh.

Chair: Tania Li, University of Toronto

James Fairhead