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Establishment Of Kenya National Agricultural Innovation Systems
November 11, 2009 / External Analysis

Studies on systems of agricultural innovation in Kenya and other African countries have shown that the concept of innovation exists in form of technologies, products, processes and organizational forms. Notable also is the existence of indigenous systems of innovation which have not been considered in development of modern innovations. In other instances, this concept of innovation has not been operationally explored in terms of its capacity to improve agricultural productivity which would culminate into a food secure nation and economically empowered farmers. Despite the existence of various organizations dealing with systems of innovation, there are weak linkages between them and more so, along the commodity value chains.

BBC World Debate: Failing the Farmer?
November 8, 2009 / External Commentaries

By Presenter Nik Gowing

Small farmers produce the majority of all the food we consume wherever we are in this world – but in the rich countries and the poorer countries, in the developed world and the developing world, in the north and the south smallholder farmers are leaving the land. Our food is increasingly being produced by big business. As long as there is food for you and me to buy does it matter? A growing body of expert opinions says yes it does.

Agriculture and Food Security: Pre-Evaluation Review of DFID Policy
February 3, 2009 / External Analysis

John Wyeth, Steve Ashley

This report considers whether the DFID agriculture policy remains relevant in the light of the recent food crisis and where and why consideration might be given for changes to be made. It is not an evaluation and it does not suggest a new policy but aims to provide direction and identify issues and some alternative ways in which the policy might evolve, especially in its relationship with food security.