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Climate Change

Climate change & African agriculture, health and cities: 12 new reviews


The African continent is well-recognised as being vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. While there is undisputed evidence that the climate is changing, there is much uncertainty over how this affects different regions and sectors.

12 regional papers review the state of research and policy on this important issue in three separate themes – urban areas, agriculture and health – in the four regions of West, Central, Southern and East Africa.

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'Carbon missionaries': saving Africa from itself?

French missionaries in Africa, c.1930

Carbon schemes, designed to protect and sustain forests in the global South, can conflict with the interests of those who live in and depend on them.

On our blog, Joanes Atela problems with the 'missionary discourse' behind this key part of the green economy, through cases from Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Missionary discourses - can the green economy bring climate justice to the South? 

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Global climate politics meets national agricultural policy


Agriculture has not always had an easy ride in international climate negotiations. But even when farming and food are considered, there is sometimes conflict between global politics and local policy processes.

On the blog, Joanes Atela considers how global climate politics has influenced African agriculture, and the prospects for more inclusive approaches that empower farmers.

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Climate adaptation in West Africa: reviewing policies & evidence

dry-ghanaAfrica’s agriculture sector is commonly regarded as vulnerable to particular impacts of climate change. Adapting to climate change is an important area for research and policy development. A series of three working papers reviews research and policy on climate change adaptation in the three key areas of agriculture, urban areas and health in West Africa.

The papers aim to enhance knowledge for evidence-based policy formulation.

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3 ways for agriculture to make its mark on climate negotiations


Agriculture has been a neglected topic in UN climate change talks. Now, new 'framings' of agriculture may be set to bring it out of the sidelines.

On the blog, Natasha Grist looks at three ideas which might give farming and food a more central role at COP19 and other similar talks.