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The politics of agricultural carbon finance in Kenya

A new paper questions the ‘triple wins’ claimed by Kenyan supporters of agricultural carbon finance.

Supporters of agricultural carbon finance claim multiple benefits for Africa, but the reality is more complex.

This working paper by Joanes O. Atela explores how, in the context of major scientific and policy concern with the causes and implications of climate change, various actors are now keen to demonstrate how agricultural carbon finance can help achieve multiple benefits or ‘triple wins’ for sub-Saharan African agriculture.

The Politics of Agricultural Carbon Finance: The Case of the Kenya Agricultural Carbon Project (pdf, 1.87mb)

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Climate change policy in Ghana

This working paper (pdf) analyses policy discussions on climate change and agriculture in Ghana, looking at their origins and what their implications are.

The dominant narrative: mitigating climate change Agriculture has only recently become a central part of climate change policy discussions in Ghana. Now, climate change is seen as a new, externally imposed, risk that may hinder modernised agriculture as an engine for growth and poverty reduction.

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Climate change policy in Malawi

This working paper is among the first of its kind to analyse policy discussions on climate change and agriculture in the Malawi.

In Malawi, national debates are framed as an issue of managing the risk that climate change poses to agricultural production. There are two dominant narratives: (1) that agriculture needs to be made robust in the face of climate change; and (2) that agriculture should be considered as part of wider development efforts.

The working paper (pdf) discusses the implications of these narratives for four strategies: conservation agriculture, drought-resistant varieties, agroforestry, and index-based weather insurance.

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Climate Change and Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa: New Concerns, Old Arguments?

This is a summary of an unpublished paper by Paula Silva Villanueva and Rocio Hiraldo. The paper is due to be published soon.

The purpose of this paper is to map current policy debates on climate change and agriculture in Africa. We analyse the key debates in view of key narratives and associated actor networks, and show how current discussions link to major debates within the agriculture sector over the past decades, helping to address the often missing attention to history in current debates on climate change and agriculture.

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FAC Ethiopia Roundtable on Climate Change and Agriculture
Future Agriculture Consortium (FAC) organised a one day round table meeting for policy makers, implementers and researchers involved in work on climate change and agriculture in Adis Adaba on 11 November 2010.

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Presentation at the “Ideas Marketplace”, Agriculture and Rural Development Day, COP-16, Cancun (December 2010)
Climate change adaptation research has evolved over the past few years but how much of it is being adopted or implemented as policy? How to influence decision-makers to adopt adaptation policies based on research findings?

These were some of the questions asked at events which focused on agriculture on the sidelines of the UN climate change talks in Cancun, Mexico. The ‘Bridging Research and Policy on Climate Change and Agriculture’ presentation addressed this issue and provided evidence of policy processes on agriculture and climate change from a case study in Malawi.

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Global Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change

FAC side event at the Global Conference on Food Security, Agriculture and Climate Change. The Hague, The Netherlands, 1st November 2010

The Hague conference was among the first major international conferences linking agriculture, food security and climate change, and was attended by senior policymakers, development organisations and academics. It highlighted the many challenges faced by agriculture in a changing climate, but also the range of possible solutions, many of which are brought together in the term ‘Climate Smart Agriculture’.

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Case Studies: Kenya and Ethiopia

The objective is to investigate how international climate change policy processes play out in national and sub-national agricultural contexts and to ascertain how these influence and are influenced by particular policy narratives, actors, networks and interests.

Specifically, the study will examine how international policy goals on mitigation and adaptation are negotiated at the national level in the two countries, and in the next stage, how national level policy processes are manifesting themselves in the agricultural sector at a sub-national and local level.

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FAC Kenya Roundtable on Climate Change and Agriculture
The Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) in partnership with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Sussex, UK and the Future Agriculture Consortium (FAC) organised a one day round table meeting for policy makers, implementers and researchers involved in work on climate change and agriculture in Nairobi on September 30th 2010. The main aim of the meeting was to share research findings from ongoing case studies, as well as setting the stage for further research.

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Research to Policy for Adaptation

DFID/IDRC-funded Research to Policy for Adaptation (RPA) project provides accessible tools, methods and conceptual approaches for researchers to analyse the policy processes for climate change adaptation in a specific country.

RPA is helping to build researchers’ capacity to understand and influence policy processes around adaptation.The RPA initiative conducts policy focused case studies and establishes policy engagement strategies and mentoring relationships between RPA researchers and academic partners. The RPA project is working on case studies on policy processes related to -

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Agriculture and Rural Development Day

How is climate change affecting agriculture and food security in Africa? How are farmers adapting to these changes?  FAC is already working on adaptation research related to smallholder agriculture and is launching a new 'climate change' research theme this year.