Improving processes & advice for African agricultural policy

Women inspect pigeonpea at flowering time

On 11-13 June 2014, a three-day learning event was held in Ghana, discussing agriculture policy, its impact on agriculture performance and the political economy surrounding African agricultural policy processes.

A report, programme, presentation slides and video from the event are available to view and download.

The event, “The African Agriculture Policy Agenda in Practice: Managing processes and improving advisory capacities” was organised as part of a collaboration between the Overseas Development Institute and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit).

It included presentations by Future Agricultures members Steve Wiggins and Colin Poulton.

The programme had three main components:

  • Agricultural Policy: Dealing with the ‘technical’ dimension by looking at how policy has influenced performance; what are the basics of good agricultural policy and over which issues there continues to be debate and uncertainty;
  • The Political Economy of Agriculture Policy: Dealing with the ‘political’ dimension of agriculture policy looking at what drives the policy process and the importance of ‘inclusive’ processes in the agriculture sector;
  • A third component addressed the question: What does this mean for Development Cooperation? by asking participants to reflect on what is required of an agriculture policy advisor, but also by asking their views on the event itself, whether it should be repeated and in what form.



View the slides on our Slideshare channel by following the links below.

Colin Poulton: The political economy of African Agricultural Policy

Colin Poulton: Political economy: the policy process

Steve Wiggins: The awkward sector and reasons to be cheerful

Steve Wiggins: Rural Transformation and Transitions

Wiggins & Poulton: Malawi Farm Input Supply Scheme

Heike Hoeffler: What role for development cooperation?

Heike Hoeffler: Top tips for policy dialogue

Heike Hoeffler: Advisory Capacities for the Contemporary Agricultural Policy Agenda

Steve Wiggins: Agricultural policy – issues of consensus and debate


Photo: ICRISAT (Flickr)