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Virtual sessions to cover agribusiness response to pandemic
April 20, 2020 / News
The Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders and Agribusiness programme (CASA) programme  is utilising its Evidence and Learning Component to run an e-series on “Rethinking agribusiness investments through the pandemic”. The first of the four sessions will begin at 12 noon BST
Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 lockdown: Ensuring the right to food for the poor
April 20, 2020 / FAC blog
By Phillan Zamchiya, Dewa Mavhinga, Thando Gwinji, Arnold Chamunogwa and Claris Madhuku The Covid-19 global pandemic poses serious challenges to fragile countries such as Zimbabwe, which have weak health systems and constrained social assistance programmes. Such countries must formulate and
Surviving COVID-19 in a fragile state: why social resilience is essential
April 2, 2020 / FAC blog
The article below appeared on African Arguments’ Debating Ideas blog last Friday. As of 1 April there were 8 cases, and no further deaths. But there is little doubt that the impending situation in Zimbabwe is serious, and the government is unable to respond.