Pastoral Innovations and Changing Political Economy of The Orma Pastoralists,Tana Delta, Kenya

Research Update By Abdirizak A. Nunow
(Moi University, School of Environmental Studies, Eldoret, Kenya, and
Inter-Parliamentary Union of IGAD (IPU-IGAD), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
FAC Pastoralist Theme, November 2010
  • Huge tracts of land in the Tana Delta, critical pasture resources for the pastoralists, are being set aside for large industrial scale farming for export crops, bio-fuels and minerals
  • More than 25,000 people living in 30 Delta villages stand to be evicted from their ancestral land in favour of corporations and foreign governments
  • In the 2009 drought, there were 3 million heads of cattle in the Delta, coming from as far as Wajir district in north-eastern province.
  • The pastoralists response to the Delta ‘land grabs’ is desperate but some aspects are inspiring
File: FAC_Research_Update_002.pdf