Defining Moments in the Ethiopian Seed System

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This book is the culmination of a considerable amount of new and important research on seed systems, both within Ethiopia and across Africa. Drawing together a large collection of papers presented at the ‘International Conference on Sustainable Seed Systems in Ethiopia: Challenges and Opportunities’, hosted by the Ethiopian Institute of Agriculture Research, Addis Ababa, in June 2011, it provides insights into the latest innovations in seed system research and development, the evolving role and performance of the formal and informal seed sectors and the potential for their integration and, significantly, the political economic and institutional factors shaping national and regional seed policy and processes.

Ethiopiabook1In this respect, the book comprises more than simply a set of ‘defining moments’ in the evolution of Ethiopia’s own seed system, as it raises fundamental questions about the opportunities and challenges facing seed system development in Africa at a time of increasing change and uncertainty. Above all, this collection makes it clear that it is essential to focus on issues of diversity—in gene pools, in seed and crop varieties, in agronomic practices, in training and technical support, in production and delivery systems, in resulting landscapes, and in the way we go about appraising and pursuing— divergent trajectories in knowledge, innovation, and development with regard to seed systems.

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