Integrating FAC Themes with CAADP pillars

Future Agricultures has attempted to align its thematic areas with CAADP pillars.

For example, the Policy Process theme is a perfect complement to the pillars since none of them explicitly address policy formulation. This weakness was in fact raised during the discussion.

The Growth and Social Protection theme is also a perfect complement to the pillars. CAADP focuses on growth and says very little on social protection. The current thinking is there must be a balance between growth policies and social policies to bring about development. The trickle down theory has almost become irrelevant. Even if countries achieve high levels of growth, there are millions who fall out of the net. These citizens need protection!

There are also areas where the Future Agricultures themes could learn from the pillars. For example, Pillar II is strong on markets which the Commercialisations theme could benefit from. Similarly, the technology theme could benefit from Pillar IV immensely.