CAADP Review And Partnership Platform Meeting (March 17-20, 2008)

{jathumbnail off}Platform_MeetingThe Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) is an AUC/NEPAD initiative designed to encourage investment in key areas (pillars) that can make the earliest difference to Africa’s agricultural crises. CAADP was adopted by the Head of States as a framework for the revival of agriculture and officially launched in 2003 at a meeting held in Midrand, South Africa.

CAADP aims to be the main tool for cutting hunger and poverty in half in by the year 2015: millennium development goal number 1.

In order to achieve this goal, CAADP asks African countries to commit to:

  • 10% of Budget to agriculture
  • 6% sectoral growth up to 2015
  • Dedicated implementation & monitoring mechanism.

To what extent have countries come on board and adhered to these principles? The principal purpose of the CAADP periodic review and partnership platform meeting is to assess this situation.

This report is concerned with the third review meeting held in the Republic of Seychelles. Section 2 provides progress of the pillars and countries towards compact. Section 3 identifies the role for Future Agricultures in engagement with CAADP. Section 4 is conclusion and recommendation.

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