Timelines – Future of Pastoralism

Conference participants developed timelines for specific pastoralist areas where they’ve worked.


Timelines captured trends (population, markets, rangeland change, climate, water, etc.) as well as events (local leadership change, government change, boundaries, conflict, drought, etc.) and publications of key research or other documents.

Ten timelines were developed and are available to download in pdf format here.

  1. Timeline: Southern Somalia / Northeastern Kenya (31 KB)
  2. Timeline: Southern Kenya / Maasai (68 KB)
  3. Timeline: Southern Ethiopia (108 KB)
  4. Timeline: Northern Tanzania – Maasai (247 KB)
  5. Timeline: Northern Kenya (2.3 MB)
  6. Timeline: Mbarara, Uganda (183 KB)
  7. Timeline: Maasai, Kenya (190 KB)
  8. Timeline: Karamoja, Uganda (238 KB)
  9. Timeline: Darfur Region (2 MB)
  10. Timeline: Afar Region, Ethiopia (368 KB)

As well, ILRI’s Susan MacMillan wrote about the timeline exercise, including notes on the process and quotes from participants, in the blog: Punctuated equilibrium: Pastoralist timelines of past and future.