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Book: Pastoralism and Development: Dynamic Change at the Margins


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This book gives a view of ‘development at the margins’ in the pastoral areas of the Horn of Africa. Edited by Andy Cutley, Jeremy Lind and Ian Scoones, Pastoralism and Development In Africa highlights innovation and entrepreneurialism, cooperation and networking and diverse approaches which are rarely in line with standard development prescriptions. Through 20 detailed empirical chapters, the book highlights diverse pathways of development, going beyond the standard ‘aid’ and ‘disaster’ narratives.


The book is part of the STEPS Centre’s Pathways to Sustainability book series.


Pastoralism and Development in Africa: Dynamic Change at the Margins
Earthscan / Routledge, July 2012
Paperback, £24.95 GBP

About the Conference

The Future of Pastoralism Conference was an international conference held in Addis Ababa on 21-23 March 2011.

The future of pastoralism in Africa is uncertain and radical changes are affecting Pastoralist areas in terms of access to resources, options for mobility and opportunities for marketing. These changes bring new possibilities for making pastoralist livelihoods stronger but many questions remain about the sustainability of these changes: Is there opportunity for a productive, vibrant, market-oriented livelihood system or will pastoralist areas remain a backwater of underdevelopment, marginalisation and severe poverty? How can pastoralist ‘drop-outs’ be supported after they leave the livelihood but continue to interact with the livestock sector?

These web pages contain many of the contributions made at the conference. These include

Latest articles

Economic Empowerment for Pastoralist Women
March 31, 2011 / Future of Pastoralism - Presentations
A comparative look at Expereince in Somaliland, Sudan and Uganda.

Traditional pastoralist regions during the late 19th and early 20th centuries
March 30, 2011 / Future of Pastoralism - Presentations
African Union   Policy Framework for Pastoralism in Africa Dr Hassane Mahamat Hassane DREA, AUC

Social Protection for Pastoralists: Just give them cash?
March 30, 2011 / Future of Pastoralism - Presentations
Stephen DevereuxInstitute of Development Studies Karen Tibbo Oxford Policy Management

Pastoralism and Regional Policy East Africa
March 30, 2011 / Future of Pastoralism - Presentations
Dawit AbebeFeinstein International Center Tufts University

Conference Links
March 30, 2011 / Future of Pastoralism
Find further resources from researchers involved in the conference here.

AU Policy Framework
AU Policy Framework
March 30, 2011 / Future of Pastoralism
In October 2010, the African Union released a policy framework for pastoralism in Africa. This was confirmed by the Executive Council in January 2011. This framework is an important step forward for pastoral policy in Africa and provides a firm

Media Coverage
Media Coverage
March 30, 2011 / Future of Pastoralism
Press release and other media coverage

Day Two Summary
Day Two Summary
March 23, 2011 / Future of Pastoralism
Conference Summary by Amdissa Teshome, FAC Ethiopia The second day began as packed as the first.  Four very senior pastoral researchers were asked to kick start the day by presenting their respective FIVE things that have changed in the last