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Hungry for Results: Improving the Governance of the Global Food System to Address Structural Hunger
September 15, 2010 / Our blog
There are two principal reasons for the decline in the total number of hungry people and both have to do with the reversal of two recent crises: the reduction of food prices from their peak levels of 2007-8 and the

Meat and markets: Can a global trade in livestock deliver southern Africa out of poverty?
August 12, 2010 / Our blog
Economic growth and employment Ian Scoones, Professorial Fellow at IDS and Co-Director of the STEPS Centre, explained: ‘The idea seems simple. Africa has significant comparative advantage in a range of important commodities with global demand. The growth of such industries

Why agriculture and food security are central to meeting DFID’s new Structural Reform Plan
August 4, 2010 / Our blog
I want to argue, however, that support for agriculture and food security must be central to the implementation of this new plan and that, across the departmental priorities, a focus on support for agriculture, food systems and rural livelihoods must

Awakening Africa’s Sleeping Giant: Agricultural Development in the Guinea Savannah
June 30, 2010 / Our blog
The workshop debated the pitfalls and potentials of the ‘Sleeping Giant’ thesis from multiple viewpoints. The lead author of the report, Hans Binswanger, argued that the northeast Thailand pathway was both efficient and desirable, building on the comparative advantages of

A New Manifesto for Innovation, Sustainability and Development
June 16, 2010 / Our blog
The starting point for the Manifesto is the massive disconnect between ever expanding volumes of research and development in science and technology (S&T) and the persistence of poverty, social injustice and environmental damage. How can these resources be made to

A New Manifesto for Innovation, Sustainability and Development
A New Manifesto for Innovation, Sustainability and Development
June 16, 2010 / Our blog
Yesterday the Royal Society hosted the launch of the STEPS Centre Manifesto on Innovation, Sustainability and Development. STEPS is supported by the ESRC and hosted by IDS and by SPRU at the University of Sussex.The Manifesto draws on work that

Politics of the global land grab
June 8, 2010 / Our blog
Conference focus The focus of the conference will be on the politics of global land grabbing and agrarian change. Papers should address some of the most urgent and strategic questions around global land grab, including: What is the nature and

Changing climates, changing lives: the need to focus on processes of change for adaptation
Changing climates, changing lives: the need to focus on processes of change for adaptation
June 4, 2010 / Our blog
The report’s focus is on perceptions of changes among pastoralists and agropastoralists in Borana, Ethiopia and Gao and Mopti, Mali. Perceptions of changes in climate patterns were compared with response patterns and changes in the availability of support to tackle

Steve Wiggins at the High Level Expert Forum on ‘How to Feed the World in 2050’
May 13, 2010 / Our blog
The discussions covered the following questions – Can the world be fed in 2050? Quantitative models suggest it can, even if this will probably mean raising agricultural output by 70% and growing another 1 billion tonnes of grain. Most of

New Site Features
May 10, 2010 / Our blog
Some of the many features include: Our full collection of policy briefs, working papers, occasional papers, etc. A growing list of relevant RSS feeds (e.g. ELDIS, R4D, GFAR, IFPRI, etc.) An events calendar of key African agriculturee-debates A new FAC blog and user comment