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What would it take to make Brazil-Africa cooperation work?
May 31, 2012 / Our blog
There is no doubt that Africa’s agriculture requires immediate transformation, and on the basis of tested and proven technologies, expertise and experiences; but I doubt very much whether, in the light of some of the concerns raised at the conference,

Brazilian provision of cooperation in agriculture: politics and paths
May 24, 2012 / Our blog
Brazilian success stories are being told at the onset of post-neoliberalism, post-Iraq invasion and the Chinese protagonism in international development cooperation, thus in a setting marked by traditional donors’ search for reconstructing the legitimacy of the cooperation they provide. This

Should traditional donors be interfering in South-South cooperation?
May 24, 2012 / Our blog
South-South cooperation is now establishing itself as an accepted tool in the development box.  And, we will need every tool in the box – including new kinds of partnerships – if we are collectively to tackle tough global development challenges

After the honeymoon: what would a happy marriage between Brazil and Africa look like?
May 23, 2012 / Our blog
The myth of success. The narrative about Brazil’s agricultural success is widespread, particularly beyond borders. In less than 30 years the country has moved from being a net food importer to a net food exporter. Brazil is also the world’s

A new alliance for food security, or a two-track Africa?
May 21, 2012 / Our blog
Although overshadowed by the financial and political crisis in Europe in the international press, it is important that agriculture and food security is once again at the top of the international agenda. Galvanising the private sector for development of the

Measuring women’s empowerment: A retrograde step?
April 27, 2012 / Our blog
The FAC gender approach (see the discussion paper Gender and Other Social Differences: Implications for FAC?) argues that gender relations are dynamic. Women and men, as spouses, parents, siblings etc, seek both to maintain and change these roles to meet

Actions and gaps: The Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change final report
April 18, 2012 / Our blog
Prof Bruce Campbell, CCAFS program director, opened the launch with an introduction to the report, which aims to synthesise 16 reports that have been produced over the past 3 years. Four report commissioners were also present to introduce the report

The Future of the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP): A Political Economy Inquiry
April 11, 2012 / Our blog
The meeting brought together over 100 participants from Non Governmental Organisations, government agencies and donor community. The main purpose was to chart out the possible future of the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP) from a political economy perspective, drawing from

Engaging young people in agriculture
April 6, 2012 / Our blog
If we clarify this from the outset we may have better strategies for engaging with them.  Some examples or strategies of positive engagement from the presentations at the Young People, Farming and Food conference were: Building on viable groups based

What kinds of agricultural research will deliver the (public) goods?
April 5, 2012 / Our blog
The argument is usually made in terms of market failure: left to the market, we can expect to see less than optimal investment in crop research, and particularly in relation to the food crops on which smallholder farmers depend. From