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How pastoralists get a bad press
October 11, 2012 / Our blog
As Mike explains, simple narratives can help policy-makers make sense of a complex situation, but they can go badly wrong when applied to people ‘at the margins’. The second blog post focuses on the media in Kenya, where pastoralism is

IFPRI: Seminar on ‘Strategies & Priorities for African Agriculture’, 3 October
September 28, 2012 / Our blog
Speakers: Karen Brooks, Director, CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (CRP 2), IFPRI. Xinshen Diao, Deputy Director, Development Strategy and Governance Division, IFPRI. Jeff Hill, Bureau for Food Security, US Agency for International Development. Chaired by Ousmane Badiane,

Supply or demand: what ‘drives’ modern agricultural revolutions?
Supply or demand: what ‘drives’ modern agricultural revolutions?
September 26, 2012 / Our blog
This distinction between a supply (Green) and a demand (Livestock) driven agricultural revolution has often been repeated. It’s now inextricably linked to debates and discourse around the Livestock Revolution. However, to say that the Green Revolution was ‘supply driven’ is

“To Di World” – an Olympic effort to tackle hunger?
August 10, 2012 / Our blog
“The challenge is to avoid the fight against malnutrition being a compelling but periodic curiosity (think the Olympic cycling keirin event). The fight will be unglamorous, constant, and difficult – more like the training for the Olympics than the Games

Rio+20: Women’s rights in reverse gear
August 8, 2012 / Our blog
The sustainable development challenges we are facing, such as food and nutrition insecurity, climate change, and social inequalities, are all interlinked. They are problems of complexity and of equity – between countries, generations, social groups, between those with power and

Measuring aid to agriculture and food security
August 8, 2012 / Our blog
There is a prevailing view that aid to agriculture has suffered a steep decline since the 1980s and is only now beginning to recover its share of total aid, following concerns over food price rises and volatility. While this is

Green agriculture: not just for Africa
June 20, 2012 / Our blog
Historically, changes in agricultural practices to meet rising demand include a shift to industrial production and the ‘Green Revolution’ of the 1960s. However, the reliance on large-scale monoculture dependent on mechanisation, irrigation and inputs like fertilisers and pesticides has had

Green agriculture: interests, politics and narratives at Rio+20
June 20, 2012 / Our blog
The FAO’s 2011 State of the World food security report shows that since 2006, the world has witnessed an increase in food insecurity. According to the report, one billion people worldwide – mainly Africans – are food-insecure.  This worrying state

Brazil, China and Africa: options for adaptive cooperation in agriculture
May 31, 2012 / Our blog
Experiences from China and Brazil are also to be shared more with African countries as an alternative to standard bilateral cooperation. For example, following the success of its own food purchasing programme, Brazil will provide 2.37 million dollars for a

What would it take to make Brazil-Africa cooperation work?
May 31, 2012 / Our blog
There is no doubt that Africa’s agriculture requires immediate transformation, and on the basis of tested and proven technologies, expertise and experiences; but I doubt very much whether, in the light of some of the concerns raised at the conference,