What agriculture? Two hundred agriculture researchers search for an answer

Much of the research is presently underway by institutions that are investing in important agriculture issues like increased production and market liberalisation, climate change adaptation, local food consumption, the continent’s important and growing middle class, agricultural technologies  and the role of technologies in agricultural production.

The colloquium’s significance is with the breadth and scope of the research presented (78 papers were presented for discussion) and with the opportunity provided by CEDRES in assembling a diverse group of agriculture thinkers (including a good number of early career researchers) from la francophonie. The aim is to pinpoint the big issues in agriculture that have potential for making significant change and that resonate within national agriculture centres (NARS) and in frameworks like CAADP.

The colloquium poses the question: “What agriculture for sustainable development in Africa” and deliberations are expected to pinpoint areas for policy makers to take up, possibilities include: markets and production, infrastructure, irrigation, technology and natural resource management – all of which are recurring issues during the colloquium’s Q&A sessions.

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